Free Will

When free-will is gone. All you have to do is toil.

If you can do that all day in the soil

You get what you want to boil.

Maybe a few care to oil

But all of them are sure to spoil


When free-will is a bone. All you have to do is run.

If you can do that all day in the sun

You get what you want to turn

Maybe a few care to churn

But all of them are sure to burn


When free-will is a poem. All you have to do is write.

If you can do that all day all night

You get what you want to sight

Maybe a few care to be right

But all of them are sure to fight


When free-will is harm. All you have to do is charm.

If you can do that all day everyday

You get what you want to farm

Maybe a few care to disarm

But all of them are sure to feel warm


Falseness in speech and attitude

The peer groups in the colleges have a specific way of breaking out. Education when used as a spoke in the name of economic development leads to various multi-leveled conundrum affecting all the lives associated with the wheel. The peer groups are influenced by innumerable factors as their biological and physiological health allows them to both influence and be influenced deeply. In the process of developing a personality, they cultivate a fake attitude imitating the coolest set of behavioral tracts that they view. Along with the environment and the external factors, the internal stimulus is bent towards a hive of vices. Individual choices are sacrificed or honored according to whimsical moods and fanciful dreams. Ignoring all the responsibilities and duties that they are entitled to, young adults are excluded when called out for children and step back when called as adults. A very sensitive spectrum of emotions are experienced when they are both pulled and pushed allowing them to hold ground and flow at the same speed.

At this juncture, many individuals lose their identity and follow the trends thus diving into the templates and formats that are already being used by a huge number of other individuals. They also pick up social habits, compulsive thinking, hateful aggression and a generic sense of disconnection from their friends and family. It is important to identify and repeal the negative perspective that engulfs most of our thought patterns thus disabling the wholesome personality. Now, that the personality is divided into multiple masks. As a growing child learns from what he/she sees, the young adults are provided with more than a few choices, of breaking existing barriers. However, most of them fail to recognize the barriers that need to be mended and instead try to remove them. They delve into a denial, rejecting all the advice given to them at earshot. They start and create a sense of illusion around the suffering, defeat, injury and every little imperfection around them. The stream of disassociation from the reality and non-acceptance of existence will be used as an excuse for all failures and carefree efforts. They all crystallize into a behavioral trait later on hindering the very progress and questioning the existence of that individual. This is falsity in speech and attitude.

Why do teenagers fall trap to this?

Among a myriad of reasons, individuals who have health, liberty, education and a certain amount of intelligence slip away into the illusion of worldly affairs by inculcating a deep rooted negative perception about the reality. For some, this is a step-by-step process, from which they can break away and seek for actuality by action-level efforts. However, repetitive mistakes, compulsive habits, causing friction within and around them are the reasons why people develop harmful behavioral traits.

How do they end up at the turn-stone of realization?

Realization too happens step-by-step for some individuals thus alerting the others around them. In the current day situation, each individual is disconnected from the other sentient beings around him/her as they are lost in the illusion of their own. This turn-stone helps those who hold on to it and climb upwards the mountain of life perspiring for their faults and enjoy the journey. For those who fail to hold onto the turn-stone, there is a heap of options to choose from. The objective is to create a sense of oneness replacing hate, anger, greed, jealousy and pride.

Need for balance

After the advent of Internet and high-speed connectivity and easy access to information on the web, it is more of a challenge to bring a balance between the personal and official work. Absence of ownership and leaning towards personal benefits has brought more than just discomfort and disgrace to the smooth functioning of the social fabric.

Moving towards disruptive economic policies, it is of a concern to expect the governance to perform and conduct the society in tandem with the evolving innovation. The youth and the middle-aged population of developing and under-developed countries have a huge responsibility at their hands. It is an opportunity to shape the future and maintain a consistent line-up to contribute to individuals of all classes alike.

A preface to the beginning of the friction-ridden travel has to be one out of the motivational and inspirational threading. There has to be a constant screening and a strong defect-removal process for the organization and individuals to prosper in the over-populated and under-budgeted world of today. The ever-invasive greed and gluttony of average humans have pestered us to a great extent and will continue to cause havoc, until it is removed along with the roots.

Any or all efforts in this direction is facing a lot of opposition, criticism and bludgeoning rules and regulations. To change the scales of fortune and create a peaceful co-existence, we need more than just a group of people who are well-educated and have a sense of proper judgment. Justice has to be brought to the table with no relevance towards the irrationality.

All our efforts have to be directed towards spreading compassion and inculcating a sense of interconnect among the diverse group of people we interact with on a day-to-day basis. We all have equal and shared responsibility of handling things with care and maintain consistency in doing so.

Finding the right path

The millennia generation has an inherent quality of identifying and grouping human characteristics with a matching set of “things” and “possessions”. This proves to mark the beginning of individualism slowly finding shore in our society. Family values, traditions, culture, religious practices, regional pride and several other binding factors have a role to play in the transformation of this chaos. Finding balance in this ever-changing and ever-demanding technology-ridden world is to stay away from the electronic and electrical devices. This along with a few major lifestyle changes which can be considered as sacrifices, if done, will help us maintain the demographic balance in our diverse country. As much as we try to minimize our efforts and expect a huge outcome just by magnifying the hurdles and challenges in the process, there will be more of confusing chaos.

Like all people seeking liberation, there arises a common feeling of over-enthusiasm and self-indulgence about their achievements and how-difficult-it-was-for-them. All this laced with their impure innocence and projecting their image as the best-ever is very disappointing for all the other generations.

There has never been progress without criticism but never vice-versa. Shying away from the worldly, family and personal responsibilities as a human being, several people are turning themselves into a beast laden only with greed, gluttony and pride. If people are not backed by true values, morals and healthy practice, they are bound to fall and decimate themselves to a crude level. However, it is the choices that are being made at any point of time that dictates the sequence of actions and results.

Among the various different challenges that we face as a society, as a country, as a region or as a group of people, there will be many different versions of solutions and paths that will be chosen. Without correcting our defective thought-process, it will be a slippery set of stairs for us to climb.